Mi Amigo Memorial - 80th Anniversary Flypast

USAF 48th Fighter Wing

22nd February 2024
MiAmigoSheffield1944.com is privileged to announce that the 48th Fighter Wing of the United States Air Force will honour their fallen brothers and undertake an 80th anniversary flypast over Endcliffe Park in Sheffield, at 11am on 22-February 2024. This is to commemorate the loss of ten airmen and the USAF "Mi Amigo", on that fateful day in 1944 during the Second World War.

Captain Max "Banzai" Robinson of the USAF 48th Fighter Wing based at RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk, is the flight lead for the "80th Mi Amigo" flypast on 22-February 2024. Capt. Max Robinson and his flight team are humbled to take part, and be able to commemorate the passing of Pilot Officer 1st Lieutenant John G. Kriegshauser and his crew of nine other airmen, who died when their USAAF B-17 "Mi Amigo", Flying Fortress 42-31322, crashed in Endcliffe Park.

80 years on since the crash of the Mi-Amigo, two F-15E Fighter Jets from the 492nd Fighter Squadron will ***make a single pass over Endcliffe Park at 1100hrs, in a westerly direction. The Pilot Officers will give 'eyes right' towards the Mi Amigo Memorial, in honour and military respect for the ten airmen who tragically died on this day in history. This flight is subject to suitable operational criteria on the morning of planned departure.***

[Please check this website for any updates, which will shown with a triple asterisk ***].

22nd February 1944
On this sad day in history, Pilot Officer 1st Lieutenant John G. Kriegshauser was in command of the USAAF B-17 "Mi Amigo" Flying Fortress 42-31322 from the 364th Bomber Squadron. Badly damaged in a mission over Denmark and attempting to return to RAF Chelveston in England, the Mi Amigo flew miles off course, eventually circling over Endcliffe Park in Sheffield.

Losing height and fuel, Pilot Officer 1st Lieutenant John G. Kriegshauser had no option other than to attempt an emergency landing in the park. Failing to find a safe area for a forced landing, the Mi Amigo crashed on the hillside above the north bank of the River Porter, with all airmen lost - may their souls rest in peace and we give thanks for their sacrifice. A memorial stands at the crash site, with a stone and plaque, naming the ten airmen who died - the average age of the crew was c. 22/23 years-old. You will find the Mi Amigo Memorial in the woodland over the river, behind the café, which is the former cricket pavilion.